Getting lost in the world of beauty products is pretty easy.

The first thing I remember I secretly grabbed was my mum’s dark red lipstick. Ever since, my experiences regarding make up and different cosmetic products took me on a pretty wild journey.

I went through that thick-black-khol-eyeliner phase as a teenager, which would totally be a mystery to today’s young girls because they skip that weird phase nowadays thanks to Youtube tutorials & co. (which didn’t even exist in my teenager years). I went through a glitter phase, a very experimental colourful phase and of course that phase which is affected by insecurities that make you go out and buy any product all the beauty gurus told you about, mostly because they’re super hyped right now and not leave the house without a full face makeup on.

But going through those phases, makeup never ever lost its spark to me. I am now more aware than ever that makeup should just be one thing: fun. There is no right and no false. There are no rules. It’s a personal thing. YOUR thing - not society’s and hell no, don’t think you have to do something in a particular way just because it is in trend right now.

It should make you feel good and comfortable, just the way you like it. Don’t compare your features to anyone else’s or try to change them with makeup. It is all about enhancing your own beauty and learning how to accentuate the things you like about yourself the most.
The tricky thing here is to find out which products can help you and which don’t (meaning which are actually unnessecary for your needs).

After going through tons and tons of different beauty products, both high end and drugstore, I finally built a routine with good products I can genuinely recommend. Here’s a little guide for you for chosing good makeup products:

  • Knowing your skin type is key. There is nothing that makes your makeup look as good as a nicely prepped skin. If you’re unsure about your skin type, do some research first or ask an expert. Read this page about skincare first.

  • Don’t get lost in the jungle. Always check if the product works with your specific skin type.

  • Ask yourself first which ones of your features you like the most about yourself (those are the ones you can definitely accentuate).

  • Always check foundation in natural light.

  • Expensive products don’t necessarily have to be the better products.

  • Ask for a sample first when considering buying a new product to see how it performs throughout the day or even some days in a row. If you don’t like how it wears or if your skin is reacting bad to it, that’s probably a sign that you should not buy it.

  • Definitely consider reading reviews about the product before buying it.

  • Always check the ingredients of the product if you tend to have allergic issues or a hypersensitivity. You can do this simply by using apps like codecheck.

I rarely use make up products anymore on a daily basis because I simply don’t like the feeling anymore (also, I rub my eyes way too often during the day and there is no chance I have more than 5 minutes in the morning for my beauty routine). However, I use some products regularly, I always get back to them and would always recommend them for any skin type:


M. D.