A guide to: Indonesia



  • get a tattoo from the best of the best in Revolver ID tattoo studio in West Jakarta. Christine did, amongst others, my snake tattoo on my arm, which is by far the tattoo I get most questions about and which is my favorite tattoo of all times. Instagram: @revolver_id, @christine.rvl

  • enjoy the people’s extraordinary and incredibly wonderful sense for interior design in one of the beautiful cafes in Jakarta. They all are seriously like a little oasis in the hectic city, they serve incredibly good coffee (in comparison to the asian standard) and the interior is as pleasing to the eye as it could be.
    1/15 Coffee
    Ecology Bistro
    Woodpecker Coffee
    Rang Seduh

  • go shopping in one of the big, impressive Malls where you can literally find everything or in the small sneaker and streetwear shops distributed in several parts of the city. There are some hidden gems where you can find the most hyped streetwear labels like Supreme or ASSC.

  • eat local food at the street markets. This was by far my favorite thing! They pop up as soon as it gets dark, normally right next to street wherever there is a little space, and there is no chance to find out what you’re ordering as most of the locals don’t speak English. You will be the only tourist on the market for sure, but the food is delicious, insanely cheap and eating with locals is an exciting experience.


  • it’s the island of gods and the island of endless opportunities. You will find the place that suits your interests and your lifestyle the best. Unfortunately, a lot of people are missing out on the north of the island - there’s barely any tourism but spending time in the north is my biggest tip, always. It’s where the magic happens. It’s where you can touch, feel and see the beauty of the jungle and wilderness. Talk to the locals and find someone to help you guiding the way to Fiji and Sekumpul waterfalls and go for a swim in the ice cold water - it can’t get any better. Also, the view on the Fiji rice terraces is beyond beautiful.

  • don’t miss my favorite spot for nights out and feel the good vibe in Pretty Poison in Canggu on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays. you can also get a tattoo there when you’re drunk, like me. (I really love mine, tho.)

  • participate in a beach clean up. They happen in the early mornings and yes, they happen everywhere. every. single. day. Be prepared for a very sad picture when you go there for the first time.

  • check out my two favorite beaches, Bingin beach and Echo beach.

  • definitely take advantage of the all year round perfect waves and start surfing. You can either go all in and book an entire stay in a surf camp or take single surf lessons for beginners (I took mine in Canggu). My favorite surfing spot is at Padang Padang beach but it’s good to be careful as it can get pretty busy.

  • take Yoga lessons in my favorite spot, Yoga Searcher Bali and get to know the most wonderful teachers you could ask for.

  • try out the countless beautiful designed, photogenic, lovely cafes and restaurants where your food is made with love and the location is just stunning.
    Drifter Surf Shop Cafe & Gallery
    Crate Cafe
    Yellow Flower Cafe
    Revive Cafe
    La Brisa
    Konkrete Store, Bar & Cafe
    Suka Espresso
    The Cashew Tree
    By the way: My favorite local Warung (traditional Balinese food) is Warung Bu Mi.

Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

  • go for dives with French Kiss Divers Lembongan. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I did my diver’s license in Thailand at Alvaro Diving (which I can also not recommend enough <3) and went for two dives with French Kiss Divers to xxx. There is no way to describe the experience and the underwater world in Indonesia is on a whole other level. I miss the “family” and you should definitely not miss the chance to give it a try.

  • definitely get a scooter and explore Lembongan and Ceningan by your own. The islands are connected with a bridge and the streets are much less crowded than in Bali which makes driving around incredibly fun. There are lots of beautiful spots to explore. If you’re a beginner I don’t recommend learning how to drive on these islands as the roads can be in a bad condition.

  • watch the sunset at Devil’s Tear - the most dramatic and wonderful sunset I’ve ever seen. Besides the fact that the location itself is just breathtaking. Also, go for hikes on the cliffs.

  • have breakfast at Bali Eco Deli and dinner at the beach at Ginger & Jamu on Lembongan.


  • treat yourself and enjoy the atmosphere at Kenza Cafe in Kuta while having their delicious food for dinner.

  • go for a little hike at Tanjung Aan beach and you will be rewarded with a wonderful view over the whole area. I guess this would also be a nice spot for watching the sunset or having a little snack…

  • rent a scooter and explore a different beach every day. In comparison to Bali, the beaches are often much bigger and less crowded - and they’re all beautiful, of course.
    Pantai Selong Belanak
    Pantai Mawun
    Pantai Tanjung Aan

Gili Trawangan

  • explore the nightlife. Even if you go out alone (like I did), you end up with wonderful, fun and like-minded people after 5 minutes, that’s for sure. Although the island is so small, there’s a lot of possibilities for the night (of course, cause that’s what the island is known for).

  • go for a walk around the whole island. It takes around one hour to end where your walk started, but that’s when you really get to notice how small the island is - it makes you feel incredibly relaxed and you get to see some wonderful, calm parts of the island where tourism didn’t arrive yet and where you barely meet anyone else.

  • meet your friends and watch the sunset at the sunset point in the west of the island. It’s the highlight of every evening.

  • get up at 5 to go to the beach, dive in first and enjoy having the whole beach for yourself.

M. D.