MUD Vienna

Talking about starting in the makeup industry, I am very proud to say that my journey began as a graduate at Make Up Designory Vienna.

Make Up Designory is the world’s leading makeup academy which was founded by a group of experienced makeup artists in 1997. First established in Los Angeles, California, it has expanded worldwide - today, MUD Studios can be found not only in the USA but also in Europe and Asia.

MUD Studio Vienna opened its doors in 2017 and not only am I lucky enough to say that I’m very closely connected to the school thanks to my family; it is also particularly MUD’s mission that I truly identify with. MUD’s concept and way of educating is definitely one of the things that makes taking a course there very special and incomparable for me. Whenever I am in Vienna, MUD Studio has also become my second home.

At MUD I got educated on the highest standards regarding knowledge, practice and hygiene thanks to the fact that I learned from successful makeup artists that are involved in the industry since many years. Even though I was already into makeup for a long time, for the first time ever I learned what Beauty really is and what it really means for all of us. Being rich in this kind of knowledge is the most important thing for me and helps me seeing things with a different sight.

M. D.