• drink at least 2 liters of water a day. (of course, we all heard about this a million times.)

  • get aware of your food sensitivities, in case there are some. The most common food related causes for problematic and acne skin are dairy and gluten, so if your skin reacts to anything in particular, cut it out of your diet to see what happens. Also, it may be helpful to write down what you’re eating for a period of time to notice any correlations.

  • skin issues can also have hormonal issues. Hence, it helps to make sure that your hormone levels are in balance. You can read more about this here xxx.

  • remove. your. makeup. every. night.

  • go for a bare face as often as you can.

  • use sun screen on your face every day. This is not a must, of course. I personally do it to help prevent aging as the sun can have a big impact on your skin. It is super difficult to find a good sunscreen for everyday - I like to use this one xxxx.

  • find yourself a good mask and stick to applying it one of two times per week. This is also not a must but makes you feel good afterwards :-). Be careful with what you’re choosing as it should be a good match for your skin type and skin issues. My personal favorite is this one xxxx, for refining clogged pores, removing excess oil and purifying the skin.

  • try to incorporate more natural organic products into your routine. There is simply no reason for using harsh chemicals on your skin.

  • my favorite personal tip is to not change your products too often, to be careful with experiments and keep your routine and product range minimalistic. Less is more.

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M. D.